Flora in an Old Garden

A new terracotta collection of celebratory hand-built platters, chargers and candlesticks which centre around the idea of the ‘Contemporary Heirloom’. Working with red terracotta clay decorated with slips (liquid clay) is a very old process steeped in history and folklore, which has an inherent warmth and earthiness. This collection explores my own interpretation of this traditional technique; I mix a palette of slips with both natural metal oxides and bright coloured stains which I apply in painterly, gestural floral patterns, highlighting the fluidity and richness of the material. These pieces are intended to fill a domestic interior with colour, pattern and flowers; bringing a sense of joy to the everyday.


With a nod to traditional blue and white delftware, the Garland collection is a series of handbuilt, scalloped platters and wheel thrown cups decorated with bold, free, cobalt flower forms. Developed from immediate, gestural drawings, and painterly marks; these contemporary pieces express the spontaneity and energy which can only be achieved through making by hand.


Surface Design and Illustration

Originally training in Illustration, drawing and painting is at the heart of my design practice. I offer a range of design services including pattern design, hand lettering and bespoke illustration for private clients, creative brands and businesses. I specialise in bold, freehand designs with a joyful use of colour and pattern. Click here for more examples.  

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I am proud to have been supported by the Start East Grant Programme, funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the Arts Council England Creative Local Growth Programme.